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Concerto is a secure, web-based software application for the supply and management of agency staff.

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In a world full of Three Letter Acronyms (TLA’s) it can sometimes be very confusing as to what an offering actually does. Worse still, those TLA’s often mean different things to different people, so more misunderstandings can occur even using the common ones.

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), VMS (vendor management software), SCM (supply chain management), MSP (Managed service providers) are all examples of this jargon – as well as terms like Neutral Vendor, or Managed Vendor, Consolidator, Aggregator, Facilitator, Process Outsourcer.

Concerto probably covers all of these, but the key aspects are that it is designed to provide an IT system that enables Recruitment Agency staff to be supplied to a single end-user in a simple, consistent way so that, regardless of how many agencies are supplying, or what kind of staffing, or over what geographic area of the UK, the processes of operational recruitment, electronic timesheet & invoicing creation, and invoice approval/rejection & cash management are all standardised to allow transparent consistent control and reporting information across all suppliers and consolidated invoicing for all parties from supply through to invoice payment.

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Concerto is packed with features for both the agency and the end-user including vacancy management, candidate submission, agency management, contract management, electronic timesheets, customised invoices and email notifications.

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Concerto has been built upon the key principles of mutual fairness, transparency, high quality and value, which are all under-pinned by the proven quality of Back Office Support Services. Our goal is to provide the S.M.E. players in the marketplace with an IT tool which can enable them to compete with the IT systems muscle of the larger players – whilst retaining the higher customer service ethos, endeavour, flexibility and quality that are their hallmark.

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